NDIS Services

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Infinite Rehab is proudly a registered provider of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We have been providing disability supports and services As a multidisciplinary service this means you can access multiple services in order to assist you to pursue your goals and fully participate in the parts of life that are important to you.

We understand the challenges faced by participants within an evolving system which can be overwhelming for our clients, their family and supports. Our team has a wealth of experience navigating the system and will support our clients and their supports all the way.

Whether you need assistance with planning for your first review, ongoing therapy, home modifications, equipment and other assistive technology we are determined to ensure your expectations are exceeded with our services.
Applying for the NDIS

Applying for the NDIS can be a dauting process and there are many misconceptions in the market. The NDIS uses an appraisal of disability to enter the scheme that is based on everyday function rather than diagnosis alone. While there are a few conditions that would guarantee entry to the scheme, most participants of the scheme are assessed for entry on an individual basis and are determined by the impact of an individual’s everyday function and the impact on their ability to participate in the parts of life that are most important to them.

This vital information is often missing when an individual makes an application to the NDIS which can result in an application being denied.

If you or a family member have applied for the NDIS and have been unsuccessful, or you are commencing the process of an application our experienced tam can help you. Our team will complete a comprehensive assessment and will provide you with a detailed report that will advocate for you in your application by highlighting your supports needs that will be a vital compliment to your NDIS application form.

The NDIS website provides detailed information about eligibility requirements for the scheme. You can begin to explore whether you are eligible here

However please feel free to send us an enquiry or give us a call and we would be only too happy to assist you further

Why Infinite Rehab is a better choice?
  • As a family owned and run business with a wealth of experience in the sector we embrace a client centred approach to all that we do.
  • Family is in our DNA and we will strive to provide a warm, understanding and welcoming environment for everyone in all domains of our service
  • We have been providing industry leading services since 2008. We are not a new pop up. We have experienced staff with decades of experience in the breadth of the health and disability sectors.
  • We have a commitment to quality and excellence with a holistic approach where our clients are the centre of all that we do. We employ an evidence based philosophy with a rigorous internal education program to ensure our staff are providing the highest quality services.
  • We may not always get it right, but we seek and embrace feedback so that we can continue to learn and improve.
  • We employ a highly ethical and empathetic outlook in all aspects of our service with the wellbeing of our clients, their supports and our staff being central to our family approach.
  • We believe that everyone has the right to be noticed, to be listened to, to have a voice and live life to the fullest. We believe our clients should make this determination, not the system that exists around them.
  • Respect is core principle of our service. We believe in providing an inclusive, welcoming and warm environment and that all people deserve to be treated fairly, valued and respected.
  • We believe we have vast experience that we can share with our clients. But we also acknowledge that one of the most important parts of delivering a quality service is listening!
  • We can see you wherever it is most important for you- in our clinics, at home, in the community, online or wherever you need us to be.