Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a health profession that helps you do the everyday things that matter to you. These things can include taking care of yourself and others, working, volunteering, and enjoying your hobbies, interests and social events. These things are called ‘occupations’ because they occupy your time and energy, and they shape who you are and how you connect with others.

Occupational therapy helps you participate in the activities you find meaningful. We work with you to understand what you can do, what you want to do, and what challenges you face. We also offer advice and techniques on how to do things more easily and safely. We are client-centred, which means we respect your goals, motivations and preferences.

Occupational therapists can help you if you have a disability that affects your ability to do the things you want and need to do. They can help you find ways to participate in the activities that are important to you. This may include changing the way you do an activity or the environment where you do it.

Some of the activities an occupational therapist can help you with are self-care activities such as showering, dressing, preparing food; productive activities such as education, work, volunteering and caring for others; and leisure/social activities such as being part of a community group, engaging in a hobby, and being part of a friendship group.

Occupational therapists can also prescribe devices to help you do the activities you want and need to do. They will make sure you can use the device in the best way to meet your needs. This means that you will get a total solution and not just a product.

Occupational therapists can help you do the things you want to do by prescribing and facilitating modifications to your environment. This can include adding supports to help you be independent or redesigning your environment to help you participate in the most important parts of your life.

At Rehab Health and Fitness Australia, our NDIS approved Occupational Therapists work with you, your family and supports and your referrers to provide occupational therapy services with a whole person and integrated approach. We aim to help you participate in the parts of life that matter to you. This can include support with self-care, looking after your home, home modifications, getting out and about, finding or staying in work or education, or participating in social and leisure activities.

We cater to a wide range of physical and psychosocial needs across the lifespan. Our therapists consider your strengths and aspirations to create meaningful and relevant goals.

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