Assistive Technology (AT)


Assistive technology refers to specifically designed devices, equipment and services that support people in their personal and daily activities of living. Some examples include implements that assist people in feeding themselves, making toilets and showering amenities easier and safer to use, and electric wheelchairs to support mobility independence. These examples illustrate the need to understand your function with your goals and home environment to tailor assistive technology solutions to you.

Our experienced occupational therapists assess your function and home environment to formulate recommendations of assistive technology that are suitable for your goals and priorities.

AT for daily Living

We offer experienced occupational therapy assessment and strategies for assistive technologies that assist you in your activities of daily living such as:

  • Education, training and prescription of tools, implements and equipment to support feeding, meal preparation,  personal care and more
  • Comprehensive education and training to ensure that the patient and their supports are confident in the use of the prescribed AT and that it assisting to maximise participation in the parts of life most important to our clients.
AT for showering

We offer experienced occupational therapy assessment for showering and recommend solutions and strategies such as:

  • Shower implements, such as bath boards and shower chairs
  • Modified showering tools
  • Bathroom modifications such as handrail placements, changes in taps and handheld shower heads.

Education and training of you, your valued others and carers in safe showering practices.

AT for transfers

We offer an experienced and integrated occupational therapy and physiotherapy assessment for assistive technologies that support your transfers. This involves:

An occupational therapy and physiotherapy assessment to understand your physical function within your home environment. This may include how you transfer and what strategies may assist you in safely achieving a transfer such as manual handling equipment, exploring alternative seating and bed equipment or transfer-assistive devices.

Seating and Positioning

Our experienced occupational therapists provide a comprehensive assessment of your seating and positioning. We will work with specialised equipment providers to provide off the shelf or customised positioning solutions that are prescribed to specifically mee the needs of our clients. This may include solutions for daytime and night time seating, bedding, wheelchairs and more. Your comfort, function and safety are our priority.

Mobility Aides

Our physiotherapists and OTs offer a comprehensive assessment and mobility aid prescription and training to optimise your mobility within your home and in the community. This may also involve the assessment from an occupational therapist regarding your home environment to determine if modifications to the home can facilitate safer ambulation, such the installation of rails and ramps.

AT for recreation

Our occupational therapists will assess and provide assistive technology recommendations that would support your social participation, such as seating and positioning strategies for specific activities such as mounting devices onto a wheelchair to support recreational activities.